The Living Harp is a giant string instrument designed to lead you into the heart of the Universe. When standing beneath the strings, you feel as though you are inside an instrument and are bathed in peaceful, healing, and grounding vibrations. The strings are anchored on either end with a 8’x8’ cube with a platform on top where the performer stands to play the instrument. 

August 21, 2022 Update:

The Barning Man Collective is a group of artists, visionaries and builders that spent the past 9 months designing and building a unique, 60-foot long stringed instrument called the Living HARP, or Harmonic Arrangement Requiring Participation. 

HARP debuted at the Barning Man Regional Burn in July where everyone was invited to play and we watched it transform into a high level of creative interactivity with duets and dance performances that would spontaneously happen. 

This first rendition of HARP was hugely exciting and successful in terms of creating a calm, inclusive interactive space for people to gather as well as the sound and tuning of the instrument itself. It also showed us where to make changes and improvements. 

In just a few weeks, we:

*Added sound-responsive lighting and we can’t wait to see what happens at night! 🌈 

*Redesigned the platforms for more playing and hangout space. 👯‍♂️ 

*Made significant changes to the structural integrity of the platforms. 💪 

*Added amplification to the strings 🎶 

*Purchased batteries and and inverter for off-grid power 💥 

*Painted the resonation chambers with a beautiful floral design. 🌸 

All these changes have come with extra expenses that we lovingly purchased and any extra last minute contributions would be amazing. 

If you are inspired, any amount is warmly welcomed.