The Living H.A.R.P. is a giant, multi-player, string instrument designed to lead you into the heart of the Universe. When standing beneath the strings, you feel as though you are inside an instrument and are bathed in peaceful, healing, and grounding vibrations. 

The Living H.A.R.P. creates an even musical playing field where nobody that encounters the instrument is trained in playing it and everyone gets to discover it together. The instrument is intentionally tuned to be accessible to all so there is no wrong way to play it and everything one does when playing it sounds good or interesting or wild as the sound waves fill the space much like a singing bowl can.

After Burning Man we applied again for the Honoraria with this video pitching the Menage-a-TrHARP, a 3 platform version of The Living HARP. 

We didn't receive the Honoraria, but we brought The Living HARP to Burning Man anyway! 

Ariana and Jessica playing the HARP at the opening party at the burn:

The evolution of the idea with a 3d model. Our second video submitted to Burning Man in 2022:

The inception of the idea. Our first video submission to Burning Man in 2021: