Fill out the Participation Form!


Participation is required to attend the event! 

The Participation Form informs the community of how you plan to participate!

Vehicle passes are required to park on site. Parking is limited and carpooling saves you money and the planet! 

Vehicle passes can be purchased with your ticket, or at a later date!

In an effort to be accessible, participation fees are sliding scale! 

We kindly ask that those who are able to contribute more please do so to help offset expenses.

Participation fees range from $65 to $200!

Vehicle pass prices are:

Participation forms are one per person! You can fill one out for someone else, but each individual must submit one! Children 6 years and younger do not need to fill out the participation form.

Thanks for being an excellent community!


Notes on bringing children to Barning Man!

All humans are welcome to attend! Please be aware of the following: